Kanye West Is Not Dead, Just Victim Of Latest Internet Hoax
Despite what you may have read online, Kanye West did not die in a car accident on Tuesday. The rapper is just the latest celebrity to be bitten by fake death rumors, which rapidly spread on Twitter. At press time, it was unknown where the rumor started, but some were pointing to the image board 4chan.org as the origin of the phony report that West had died in a crash involving two custom cars in Los Angeles. It quickly blossomed into e-mail chains and comment threads on Facebook and Twitter. (Continue Reading…)

Kanye West Pulls Controversial Video from Website
A short film starring the rapper Kanye West and directed by Spike Jonze has been taken down from Mr. West’s official Web site almost as quickly and mysteriously as it appeared. The film, “We Were Once a Fairytale,” is a 14-minute short that depicts a fictional version of Mr. West acting drunkenly and misbehaving in a club, having sex with a woman, vomiting and stabbing himself in the stomach to unleash an inner demon. (The metaphor-laden movie was made by Mr. Jonze, the director of “Where the Wild Things Are,” in January, before Mr. West’s misadventures at the MTV Video Music Awards in September.) The video popped up on kanyeuniversecity.com over the weekend, but it has since been pulled; a message on the Web site said only, “SORRY I HAD TO TAKE IT DOWN :(” Copies of the video can still be found on sites like YouTube. Representatives for Mr. West and Mr. Jonze did not immediately respond to requests for comment. (Continue Reading…)

Bishop Weeks Reportedly Marries ‘Prophetess’ Christina Glenn
Internet evangelist Bishop Thomas W. Weeks III married his new soul mate, Christina Glenn, a self-described prophetess, in a quiet ceremony over the weekend. Weeks, the head of Global Destiny Worldwide, an international church empire, decided to keep his nuptials private, inviting only his church family and friends instead of the media spotlight that followed him during the stormy break-up of his marriage to Pentecostal pastor Juanita Bynum in 2008. The newlyweds are now on their honeymoon in an undisclosed location. Weeks and Glenn are featured on Global Destiny’s church Web site, bishopweeks.com, discussing their marriage plans and gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes. (Continue Reading…)

Last Texts Between Steve McNair and Girlfriend Released
Ex-NFL quarterback Steve McNair’s(notes) mistress exchanged messages for weeks with the man who sold her the gun she used to kill McNair and herself, police said Tuesday. The findings came a day after investigators released 50 text messages between McNair and Sahel Kazemi they say supports their conclusion of a murder-suicide because she was desperate over money and feared their relationship was ending. (Continue Reading…)

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