In this day and age you would be surprised how many extremely talented artist have the hardest time staying in the game. Think about it. How many crazy talented singers have you seen earn their way into the music industry only to be under promoted and eventually dumped by their labels. With the emergence of the Internet many artists are able to survive and keep their fans satisfied until their next deal or until the artist is able to control their own music and manage themselves.

Singer and Songwriter Vivian Green is one artist that if we controlled the music industry would be in one of the top spots. Vivian released her debut album, A Love Story, in November 2002 in the U.S. and February 2003 in the United Kingdom, featuring the hit “Emotional Rollercoaster”. During the spring of 2005, three years after the release of her debut album, Green released her second studio album Vivian, which featured the hit lead single “Gotta Go, Gotta Leave (Tired)”. In the last two years, Vivian has taken some time to not only perfect her already amazing craft but has become a mommy. We are so happy to announce that in April she signed a 3-album deal with E1 Music and the first album under the deal set to be released sometime this year.

Vivian we are so happy you are back and until we hear your voice again we will be desperately missing you.

Superwoman: [audio:http://dl2.musicwebtown.com/clutchde/playlists/280575/2870821.mp3]
What is Love?: [audio:http://dl2.musicwebtown.com/clutchde/playlists/280575/2870805.mp3]
Be Good to You: [audio:http://dl2.musicwebtown.com/clutchde/playlists/280575/2870809.mp3]
Selfish: [audio:http://dl2.musicwebtown.com/clutchde/playlists/280575/2870811.mp3]
Cursed: [audio:http://dl2.musicwebtown.com/clutchde/playlists/280575/2870815.mp3]

Emotional Rollercoaster – Vivian Green

For more on Vivian Green please visit www.viviangreen.com.

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