Earlier this year, we thought that The Game was over, but we gladly stand corrected. As many of you are aware, The Game has been resurrected – in large part due to public outcry. Guest star Drew Sidora recently revealed the news to S2S:

“Everybody that petitioned-believe it or not-about the show getting cancelled, that is really what ultimately had BET even looking to pick it up,” she explained. “It was really dope. Everybody really loves the show and supports the show, so all I can say is keep watching.”

For true Gamers this bona fide victory means that BET will pick up where the CW left off. Since the season finale of season 3, speculation had run amok regarding the fate of this unique program. To all intents and purposes, it was assumed that The Game had officially entered the sitcom cemetery when the CW announced its decision to erase it from its roster. Details remain fuzzy, but word on the street is that The Game is set to tape in ATL in the very near future.

We also feel compelled to give a reluctant shout out to BET for finally taking a step in the right direction. Perhaps they don’t hate us quite as much as we thought they did (heeheehee).

@pooch_dog: Yo wutup Twit FaM me and @Tiamowry r racing to see who gets it out 1st! We THE GAME cast r on the plane right now on our way2 ATL! LETS GO!

@hoseachanchez Ok TIA just got on me about “tweeting” & NOT saying who I’m with. On plane wit @tiamowry @pooch_dog Britney & Coby

@pooch_dog: Yo the Kid and the GAME Cast is in the building on our way 2 the HOTEL! I luv stayin @ the _ Hotels! Atl thank u for having me… I’m hype

Clutchettes, what say you about the return of The Game?

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