While covering Fashion Week in Paris, UK fashion mag Grazia, issued a little blurb yesterday entitled: “Louis Vuitton’s ghetto fab mash-up,” where the writer emphatically states:

“Check out those giant Afro wigs! This is like ghetto fabulous!” — Grazia Daily UK

Uhh, say whaaaat?

For the record, the Afro (a.k.a. Natural), which was popularized in the late 60’s, is much more than a fashion trend. It was a symbol that expressed cultural pride amidst a struggle for liberation. The Afro hardly indicates anything remotely ghetto, rather strength, integrity and even enlightenment – bringing us back to the aforementioned thoughtless statement.

Why is it that almost anything related to Black folks referred to as ghetto?

If the giant Afro wigs reminded the writer of black people, we’re sure he or she could’ve come up with a different analogy – one with a positive or neutral connotation. Hell, even folks who live in the hood knows that the term ‘ghetto’ holds negative meaning. We’re not up in arms, just tired of the dealings of small minds, and completely incapable of turning a blind eye in the face of such actions.

So in conclusion, thumbs down to the thoughtless writer, as well as Grazia, for using such an unfortunate choice of words, and a tired ass cliché to boot.

Make sure you check out our piece on people using the word “Ghetto” – here.

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  • Geneva S. Thomas

    Perhaps this is an all too intentional extension off the heels of their last spring collection which massively appropriated African aesthetics and sold well. But here we have the tragic collision of an excess of cultural aesthetics that is not even executed well. I mean thank God for the afro wigs, the garments leaves little to talk about.

  • Rhue b

    Oh, well if afros r ghetto, then I’m ghetto….
    Annoying ghetto comment(lol):
    My boss told me spelling my name R-e-b-e-k-a-h was ghetto lol He was shocked and embarrassed when I informed him it was biblical and an old Hebrew name… I guess having brown skin just makes everything about me ghetto…..

  • sil

    Wow, not only is the fashion horrorible looking I wouldnt be caught alive in any of that except for the fros which are rockin and not ghetto.

  • Alex

    Rhue b LMFAO that is too funny and ignorant. But it’s Vogue , European at that are we really surprised they take something that comes natural to blacks and making negative comments about it? F*ck ’em all the more reason to support and celebrate non European designers and beauty standards in my book.

  • We have learned to take something bad and make it good. Like “N”. You know …You my “N” I love You!!! That is really a turn around. Crazy? Live in realty in America? You better have Your head on straight. The games that are played are beyond belief!!!
    Thank You for your Question.