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  • J.G.

    For hubby and I. $600+ with a 10K deductible. And that’s good. We’re perfectly healthy, but we freelance, and it is, what it is.

  • Torek

    I am thankful to have 100 percent company paid benefits ( I work for a non-profit) and I only pay for RX’s which are generally under $20 and copays are $15 and ER copays are $100( so if I went to the ER I would have a bill but only be responsible for the copay) I am truly blessed to have insurance and I am thankful to use it: dentist, gyno, eye, and dermatologist.

    What a blessing! Insurance should NOT be a luxury.

  • diannawest

    i pay 76.00 for health and 13.50 for dental every two weeks and also torek i’m responsible for er meds and 25 dollar copay but insurance cos are scams recently i went to the er for extreme nausea i mean kneecap radiating nausea my pcps office was closed as they are every Thursday basically i ended up with a script for an ulcer (I was planning my wedding lol) and a few weeks later a bill for 700 dollars and a note from my insurance co that they will not pay the bill because it wasn’t a life threating emergency ant that about a [email protected]#$ good thing my dad is a judge and we have an awesome attorney because a month and a whole lot of letters later i didn’t even have to pay the copay!!!!