I like extras. I like a little extra sugar in my coffee. Extra whip cream on my sundae. Extra butter on my popcorn. Sometimes it that little extra that makes something worth having. It’s this love of extras that has caused me to fall in love with the Avon’s Anew Reversalist Night Renewal Cream ($27, avon.com). At first glance you might think its an ordinary anti-age fighting crème but upon closer inspection you notice there is something extra in this cream. Reversalist combines science and technology to take this anti-aging product to the next level.

The extra in Reversalist is Activnol Technology. Avon discovered through exhaustive research, testing and review how to activate a key repair molecule called Activin. This molecule helps repair micro-injuries to the skin, which wrinkles form as a result of. Avon used this discovery to design ANEW’s Activinol Technology. The technology helps reactivate skin’s repair process to recreate fresh skin and helps dramatically reverse visible wrinkles. Leaving you with amazingly soft, fresh and supple skin.

After using Reversalist for a week I noticed that my fine lines were less visible. I was most impressed with how much softer my skin felt. Another extra is the cream is really affordable. Proving that you can get a really effective cream for a reasonable price. I guess I can use the extra money I save buying Reversalist to get some extra cheese on my next pizza.

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