Talent aside (ahem), there have been very few celebrities who warrant as much media coverage as Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Sure, she worked that taut little backside of hers to achieve international acclaim, but for a performer whose talent often comes into question – coupled with an unusually flat persona – we simply can’t understand why her image saturates entertainment media. Admittedly, by presenting this piece, we may appear complicit in Rihanna-overkill coverage. However, this piece is dedicated to those of you who are pretty much finished with being bombarded by images of the Barbadian beauty.

The media’s obsession with celebs has gotten way out of hand over the past decade or so, but it seemed as though the gossipees were somewhat worth the chatter back then.  Often, it was folks with an ounce of originality, or unique style who engaged the prying eyes of the public. Last we checked Rihanna was neither of those. Like some sort of pop-music experiment or style schizophrenic, Rihanna’s image is akin to that of a Dress-Me-Up Barbie Doll.  Dig this:

[Rihanna’s] revamped image is all due to a team of experts who’ve been working with the R&B songstress for the past five months: hairstylist Tippi Shorter/Ursula Stephen, makeup artist Mylah Morales and celebrity stylist extraordinaire Mariel Haenn. And the behind-the-scenes crew is everywhere with Rihanna — the limo, the dressing room, the hotel room, you name it.

“We are the team, and we always collaborate on what’s going to work best, the overall look,” she added. “It all ties together at the end. I always bring a ton of options, and I will give her my favorites and why I think they would work best. She most of the time goes with my top choice.”

Somehow, that comes as no surprise….

Showbiz media obsesses over every aspect of Rihanna’s facade down to the most miniscule detail. Of course, the Chris Brown fiasco and raunchy nekkid ‘self-portraits’ served to fan the flames of her carefully crafted stardom as well. Additionally, it’s worth noting that there is absolutely no coincidence that rampant RiRi overkill is reaching new levels of absurdity as her album release date draws near. After all, Rihanna is one of many pop stars whose publicity strategy includes traveling with a band of paparazzi to “spot” her perpetually shopping & socializing with yet another über hip ensemble and trendy hair-do (yawn…).  In the end we wish ole girl the best, but between the magazine covers, TV commercials, music videos and constant Internet media coverage, we’ve had enough already – it’s time to put the doll back up on the shelf.

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