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  • Ria

    I don’t think that’s a good look for her outfit wise.

  • I dig Tracee’s style but this one is just a’ight to me. Diggin’ the leather pants but she didn’t rock ’em Tracee-style.

  • Liah

    Hell to the naw!

    I was always a fan of Joan Clayton’s style and fashion; Tracee’s not so much.

  • styleosophy

    Reminds me of the Tin Man from the Wiz, SMH, and the fit of the whole outfit….what the hell? Those bronze leather pants scream “mom jeans, high-waisted leather style”! Cuffing the pants and trying to rock them with those boots just made her look like a cross between a long night, minus a good tailor.

    Tracee usually knocks the style needle off the meter but this outfit did not work. She could of rocked a fitted top and longer boyfriend jacket with the bronze tin man leather pants, or went even simpler with skinny jeans and kept the boots.

  • I like Tracee Ellis Ross regardless of what she has on.