Is this ever going to stop?! Just a few weeks ago, we saw a designer feature models in blackface (more like brown face). Now, French Vogue has decided to join in on the racist, outdated minstrel foolery by showcasing Dutch supermodel Lara Stone in blackface. What is wrong with these people?

We’re also baffled as to what why blackface is so damn appealing to non-black people.

It’s tired, futile, and meant to be highly degrading to people of color. If these individuals value the beauty of our beautiful skin tone, why don’t they feature one of the many of beautiful black models in the world who would love to book a Vogue shoot.

Clutchettes, what say you about this ridiculousness?

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  • TomTom

    There is not one thing wrong with these pics. Art is beautiful in all forms, racism was and is not the point these pics were trying to make. Art comes in all forms of colors, not only white/ not only black/ not only red/ not only yellow, so get your thoughts correct, racism is incorrect to think about when looking at these gorgeous pictures. The model looks amazing, great bone structure and beautiful eyes. Black people want to think of this as degrading but its not, no other model could have made these photos as wonderful to look at than the one pictured in them.

  • Happiness

    Art indeed!

    Now, I used to work as Beauty Consultant for a well known French fashion house. The fact is that most of these companies ARE racist. When I worked for the company in question, they would sometimes say that they didn’t want some Black girls to work for them because of the way that they looked. If they deemed that the Make-up artist/Beauty Consultant didn’t have the looks they desired, they would tell the agency to send someone else the next week, preferably someone White.

    I dislike it when people, epecially people that these things don’t affect jump in to say it is art. It may be art to you, but as a Black person, it is not art for me when these same companies will not employ Black models, but have to paint White models Black instead. This is the height of stupidity to me and I take it as an insult, big time.

    • I agree with Happiness. What a lot of bullshit currently being passed over as “fashion culture.” I can’t believe that such outdated racist attitudes still abide in the fashion industry today! Christ, we’re in the 21st century, not the 19th! I would have hoped people’s philosophies would have progressed beyond all this bullshit by now! Obviously it hasn’t. And if you think I’m going to spend a fortune on the flimsy fashion trends of those idiots in Paris, than forget it!

  • I don’t understand why any black blogs gave the editorial any light, I would never even post these images on my blog.

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