I don’t like talking to… to people I KNOW, but strangers, I have no problem with. — Larry David

Larry David is crazy. Seriously. But perhaps that’s what makes his HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm so damn funny. In its 7th season, Larry David is as relentless, outrageous and hilarious as ever.

Some Clutchettes may be familiar with this comedy series, some may even be tried and true fans, but for those of you unawares, here’s the premise: CYE chronicles the day-by-day foolery of Larry David’s life. Much like Seinfeld (which he co-created), it’s rich with peculiar situations stemming from the most mundane conflicts and misunderstandings. CYE’s raw content is unhindered by the puritanical censorship of network television, allowing David’s insightful flair for the quirky and anti-social run amok.

Curb stars Larry David as himself, wife Cheryl and a host of amusing friends including his big fat sleazy pal Jeff, his roguish wife Susie, Wanda Sykes, Ted Danson (as themselves), Vivica Fox and a wide-range of rotating guests including Mekhi Phifer, Garcelle Beauvais, Rosie O’Donnell, and JB Smoove. Art reflects life as the show takes a worst-case scenario approach to the most ordinary situations due to David’s stubborn, neurotic, combative, plain ole ignorant nature. Lunacy ensues, inevitably resulting Larry David as the butt of almost every joke.

CYE is almost a guilty pleasure, as nothing is off limits in David’s alternate reality. Not for the easily offended, CYE derives humor from everything from mental illness to prejudice and stereotypes. Where else could you peep an old dude getting rushed to the ER as a result of having “unusually long testes”; become furious behind “the stop and chat” or insult his best friend by referring to his girlfriend’s breasts as big chemical balls? Larry had black folks and hip-hop heads nationwide in tears when he admitted to being terrified that rapper Krazee Eyes Killah was “going to put in nut inside of [his] eye.”

The genius of the show comes from the cast, crew as well as its improvisational nature. That’s correct, there is no script for CYE. Rather a, 7-8-page outline guides the plot. The impromptu quality of the show allows for the comedic madness to unfold, without the rigidity of standard scripting.

To date, the newest season of CYE is as crude and ridiculously funny as ever. Picking off where season six left off, Larry manages to run Loretta Black (Vivica Fox) and family out of his house (a family he and his wife provided shelter for after their home was destroyed by a natural disaster). In an effort to be spoiler-free, we’ll simply say that this season showcases a heightened level of absurdity with Larry upping the ante by pissing anyone he comes into contact with in more priceless, off-kilter ways.

Curb Your Enthusiasm is an extremely provocative show. You may cringe, become annoyed, or fall into a fit of laughter (most likely all three at once), but you’ll never be bored. Dig the following clips that demonstrate that Larry David is crazy as hell, and funnier that a mutha too.

Larry David & Richard Lewis – Larry is just wrong:


Top 10 Curb Your Enthusiasm Moments (Season 1):


Larry David on Sampling:

Larry David on Annoying Bluetooth Talkers:

Memorable Larry David and Wanda Sykes Moments:

“The Best of Leon (JB Smoove) on CYE

The Blacks Tell Off Larry:

Ben Stiller and Larry David – Back Seat Driver:

Larry, Loretta and the Black family:

The Korean Bookie:

Top Ten Moments from Season 4:

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