Last week Cookie Johnson visited the Oprah Show because Oprah has added CJ by Cookie Johnson Jeans to her new favorite things list. Now, Oprah is known for endorsing some fab products/services and we know Oprah can rock the ish out of some threads and pumps — but denim is different for everyone.

CJ by Cookie Johnson jeans are made of stretch fabric with an inner silk waistband. Apparently CJ by Cookie Johnson jeans are so comfortable that while on a five-hour flight Oprah opted to wear them rather than her typical jammies.

Clutchettes- would you rock CJ by Cookie Johnson Jeans? Do you trust Oprah on this one?

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  • I was shocked when I heard the price. These jeans are geared to blacks and Hispanics because we are generally the ones with the big booties and hips. The Johnson’s certainly don’t need the cash, so why not make them affordable.

  • Jai

    I agree with you Darlene. The economy is shot to hell, I’m not paying $140 for a pair of jeans. When I heard the price I was like wth? I’m giving her the side eye!!!

  • Juliana

    Um….no. Let’s be real. When you spend that kind of money for jeans, it’s for the implied prestige (right or wrong). At that price, you want fellow jean-watchers to recognize the brand (Citizens, Joe’s, Hudson etc.). CJ doesn’t do a thing for me. Plus, I don’t really want to be associated with “Oprah’s jeans” – that’s not exactly a flattering photo…