• Brit

    you guys, lady gaga wasn’t supposed to shine in this video. it’s not her song.

  • J. Mack

    I agree with Kiki. The video is garbage. Although sexiness is a huge part of Beyonce’s image, I thought some of her moves were way too sexual, and not good images to send across to her younger fans who adore her and mimic her every move. For someone who proclaims to be classy, I thought her performance was distasteful and was really disappointed because she’s so talented. Why stoop to that level?

    As far as Lady GaGa is concerned, I don’t know anything about her outside of her crazy get ups. It seemed like Bey was trying really hard to upstage her because of her reputation for her bizarre costumes.

    Lastly, I’m getting really bored with the green screen videos. Can we change it up a lil?

  • me, as one of the biggest beyonce stan in the history of stans, was disappointed by the video… i loved the song but i was really hoping that gaga would bring some ferociousness to beys fierceness, but i didnt get that…. oh well, maybe th telephone video will exceed those expectations! *sigh*

  • Ms W

    Loved Bey’s costumes and hair! :) The video itself is a bit too loud and flashy felt like I was gonna have a seizure watching. Def could have toned that down a little. Lady Ga Ga is great on her own, but ummm….not so much in this collabo.

    As far for Beyonce’s sexy moves and image in video? Definitely nothing new, that’s part of her stage presence. Have you seen Baby Boy or Check On It?