videophoneSide piece-turned Duchess, Prince Charles wifey Camilla had a number of things to say during her recent visit with women at a UK a rape crisis center, but it was her views on Beyonce & modern music videos that made it to the headlines:

“She told an audience of women that children thought they could get away with things because teachers failed to punish them.

Referring to the images children are exposed to, the Duchess said: ‘A lot of those videos are terrifying.

‘I am sure they trigger a response in some of the young people. I can never understand how they can get away with making those things.’

Yesterday the Duchess made clear her concern that youngsters are already becoming immune to such images of sex and violence.

She said schools needed to become involved in teaching both male and female schoolchildren ‘the value of respect for each other’.

During the discussions, the subject turned to a controversial video by pop singer Beyonce, who is particularly popular with young girls.

In the promotion for the single Video Phone, which also features the outlandish singer Lady Gaga, Beyonce provocatively dances in a series of increasingly skimpy outfits and holds a toy gun to the head of a bare-chested man who is hooded.”

According to Daily Mail, it’s videos like these that are far too explicit:

‘It has happened too quickly, values have changed so much,’ the Duchess said. ‘I suppose it’s peer pressure, that’s the problem. You don’t want to look the odd one out.

‘But it takes a strong person to show that they don’t approve, especially at that age. It’s a breakdown of discipline. There doesn’t seem to be any punishment for such behavior. The teachers are too kind.'”

Camilla’s concerns are hardly uncommon, as many have become alarmed by the increase in over-sexualized content and imagery disseminated by contemporary media. That new Women’s Seminole B-Ball team website debacle even touches on this latest cultural shift.

Beyonce, or Lady Gaga for that matter aren’t the villains here. The truth is that if they weren’t traipsing about like strippers with fake guns on some ole Guantanamo Bay sex slave ish in these videos, someone surely else would. It’s the “teachers” who are charged with the responsibility for monitoring what young people hear and see, as well as instilling critical thinking skills so they can better process this escalating bombardment. It is ironic however, Camilla expressing outrage over immoral behavior given her tawdry history, but no one’s perfect, right? We’re all entitled to our opinions.

What’s yours?

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  • Now you guys went and made me do my own post about Video Phone…LOL

  • “The teachers are too kind”?

    What has this got to do with teachers? Teachers are supposed to teach. Their job is not to police what children watch on TV, that is the parents’ job, excuse me Camilla/Duchess.

    Besides, all the power has literally been taken away from the teachers. Discipline and values have flown out of the window a long time ago. If the teachers so much as shout too loud, they could be faced with court action of child abuse accusations. Teachers are too kind indeed. What a joke!

    Even our very own politicians are lining their own pockets with taxpayers cash. Morals, ethics? Laughable.

    In the meantime, I never hear Beyonce (hypocrite), professing about her Christain values anymore, strutting arounf half naked all day, everyday.

    Of course it’s ok for the Royals to sit back nad critique, after all, they don’t live in the real world, so how would they know about issues affecting real people. All this coming from a woman who had an eye on someone else’s man too. *yawn*

  • She is wrong! absolutely wrong.

    Beyonce is a performing artist who is doing her thang! And i love that video phone video..it is hot and sexy..its not porn! Which is where most kids and teenagers are getting immune to sexual images..not Beyonce videos!

    Futhermore PARENTS teach their kids how to respect one another. Teachers enforce this. thats it. If she is going to come up in here and start critiquing everything she should go back to where she came from. lol ..im just sayin!