Picture 883Women of ‘Precious’ undertake transformational roles
Paula Patton plays the teacher to Gabourey Sidibe’s student. Patton says that when she read the script, “I cried and I was scared.” Sidibe says, “I am still in awe.” Lee Daniels is the anti-Pygmalion. He loves to knock a diva off her pedestal and bring her down to earth. Hand the filmmaker a gorgeous specimen like Halle Berry and he will strip away all evidence of airbrushed Hollywood artifice to reveal the talent that lies beneath. And, as in Berry’s case when she played a dirt-poor widow of a death row convict in 2001’s Monster’s Ball, her efforts just might lead to an Oscar. (Continue Reading…)

Nas asks for Kelis’ spousal support to be dropped
With only two and a half weeks before their official divorce hearing, the legal battle between Nas and his estranged wife Kelis seems to be heating up. According to TMZ, Nas has filed legal papers requesting the judge to not give Kelis spousal support. He has also requested joint custody of their two-month-old son, Knight. Kelis is reportedly asking for $72,728 a month. (Continue Reading…)

Louisiana justice resigns after interracial wedding flap
At least four times in the last 2 1/2 years, Keith Bardwell says he refused to marry interracial couples while serving as a Louisiana justice of the peace. He said from his experience and discussions, he had concluded that blacks and whites do not readily accept offspring of such relationships, so the children end up suffering. His latest rebuff to a bride and groom of different races turned out to be his last. After weeks of calls for his ouster, Bardwell resigned after 34 years in office Tuesday, leaving his reasons a secret. (Continue Reading…)

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