estelle_gapholiday09Like many companies, yours probably allows you to wear jeans a certain day of the week, likely Friday just for fun, or in exchange for a small donation to benefit charity. Perhaps it’s for raising funds for departmental eat-ins and such. Whatever the case, the game to climbing to the top of the corporate ladder is still on. You don’t want to allow this little privilege done wrong to be the reason you lose points with key people, or worse put you out of the game you’re trying to win entirely.

A few tips to keep your comfortable look tight; more 9-to-5-ish.

* Pair your jeans with a boyfriend blazer. You’ll still be able to enjoy casual Fridays comfortably while still maintaining a professional look.

* Leave your cut-ups in the closet. It’s best to save those for Saturday. Even the cut-ups you didn’t cut-up yourself but bought from your favorite store is better left for the weekend.

* The darker your denim, the sweeter your look. Distressed denim is not a good look here. So go with your darker jeans for casual Fridays. Another great jacket to try that’s corporate America safe and stylish is the equestrian jacket.

* Don’t try to sneak in. For many, when you think of jeans, you think of tennis shoes. But for work, you’ll want to consider everything but. Sequined ballet flats are perfect if you want to give heels a rest. Also, the ankle boot is a good choice as well.

* Casual Fridays is a good excuse to go shopping. Well…it is your job we’re talkin’ here. If none of your denim really works for work, there’s no need to go overboard and spend a bunch of money. But, it is an excuse to invest in some hot skinny new jeans.

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