michael-jackson-neverlandAlthough he’s no longer with us, Michael Jackson continues to pay the price of being the greatest entertainer in recorded history. TMZ has issued this bizarre tale about the King of Pop’s 1993 molestation investigation which goes a little something like this:

“TMZ’s Harvey Levin spent 3 hours last Sunday with Dr. Arnold Klein, Jackson’s best friend and doctor for decades. Dr. Klein insists Jackson did not molest the boy, and says the reason he could describe Jackson’s genitals is because Jackson liked to pee in front of other people. Dr. Klein said Jackson thought it was funny.

Klein says there were numerous times when Jackson would pee [into a cup] in the doctor’s home around groups of people, including children. [He also] says Jackson would also pee in front of other people in his office. Dr. Klein says the 1993 accuser saw Jackson peeing and that’s why he could identify the genital markings [allegedly a result of Vitiligo].”

Many things come to mind when reviewing the contents of this new “revelation” by Michael’s ‘best friend’ Dr. Klein. With songs like “Leave Me Alone,” and “Human Nature,” perhaps Jackson was telling the story of his life through his music. It’s people like Arnold Klein – who claim to have cared about Michael Jackson – that are showing their true colors now that he’s gone. I’ve never been a staunch defender of Jackson before, but this is absolutely revolting.

What exactly is Klein trying to prove by running his mouth to TMZ anyway? It’s not as if the condemning public will suddenly regret branding MJ a pedophile, when all he liked to do was put on the golden waterworks for both young and old alike. It’s all madness, madness with no end in sight. The media has done so much to taint Michael Jackson’s reputation in life, which makes this postmortem slander even harder to stomach. The debate on the demonization of MJ could rage on for days, but hope may be on the horizon. Ponder this: Many, many years from now, are people gonna remember some bulls**t about Michael Jackson happily peeing in a cup for all eyes to see, or his legacy of being the greatest entertainer the world has ever known?


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