Comedian/Actor/Rapper Mike Epps just dropped his latest stand-up DVD Under Rated Never Faded & X-Rated a few weeks ago. Clips from the show have been popping up online everywhere lately and the latest clip we just had to show. In the clip Mike Epps discusses the dude that everyone loves to hate – the guy from the Everest College ad.

You know him – the guy that comes on while you are watching daytime TV. This guy no matter if you have a degree or not manages to make you feel like you are a bum and wasting your time if you don’t get up and go to Everest College. Check out the clip below of Mike Epps and one of our favorite parodies of the commercial.

***Viewer Discretion Is Advised***


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  • LaLe Polly

    “If she can do it, you can do it!!!” I don’t think that is a compliment to the women in the commercial. I understand the importance of continuing education but is the best way to convey your message…”you’re not doing anything, anyhow!!!!”


  • Brit

    i hate that guy and his stupid little tilted hat!

    • jim

      wear ur hat the right way

    • jim

      just another way blacks have to be different stupid sagging pants sideway hats anything to be stupid looking

  • Dave

    Mike Epps is hilarious. You need t check out his new DVD Under Rated…Never Faded & X-Rated. It had me cracking up. I highly recommend it. Here are a few clips so you can see what I mean… http://bit.ly/2GPxh6

  • Bre

    The Everest College dude is a good guy. He’s not ghetto and he has his shit together. Get your shit together too, you haters. Lmao!