It’s not right that my bank, which I have been loyal to since freshmen year in college is slow and doesn’t offer an online money management system that provides a graphical picture of my income, spending, debts, savings and net worth all in addition to my (sometimes depressing) bank balances. But, I’m happy to report such a site exists. Mint.com has the tools and technology to make managing your financial life quick, easy, heck-darn near effortless! With Mint.com in, budget sheets are out because the work is done for you. The time it takes to create a budget can now be spent seeing what you can cut back on for savings. With a site that helps you budget, assist in paying off credit cards and student loans, and track investments, and more, Mint has to be a leader in security. Boasting “bank level” security 24/7, I’d say it is. You can also access Mint via your iPhone, a new and fab feature!

The best part? Use of Mint.com is FREE! Everything…all of it. This beats just logging on to my online bank for just a mere balance when I can find out in minutes what I’m worth. My guess is that your thinking your bank has nothing on Mint.com either.

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  • Personally, I’ve used this site going on a year and I just give it maybe a six out of ten. It still has kinks that needs to be ironed out. And you have to constantly check if the amount that they have is correct for a certain bank your with and etc. And I have problems with the text notifications. I’ll set it to recieve it on a certain day and I don’t get until a few days later or sometimes not at all.

    Although this is a convenient method of having control of your funds. It still better to visit each of your financial institutions online and monitor it that way.

  • ceecee

    I’ve used Mint for over a year, and it takes a little getting used to. I wish they had a forecasting feature but other than that. It’s a great supplementary tool for your finances because all your accounts are in one place, you can track your spending and monitor your budget.

    I’m so glad I got on the Mint.com train, Excel was too cumbersome and judging from reviews it’s much better than Quicken.