Picture 1058For the next few weeks Must Have Monday will feature great gifts to give for those celebrating the holidays. Whether your celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa you probably are going to get a gift for someone somewhere along the way. Look towards Clutch all month for great gift ideas.

This week’s gift is a sweet gift that won’t break the bank. The Red Flower French Lavender Little Flower Candle ($12, redflower.com) is perfect for a gift exchange, a stocking stuffer or as a little thank you to anybody who deserves it in your life. It is a gift that everyone will love and cherish. The fragrant little candle has the power to cast a spell over anyone. The smell of French lavender is crisp and bright and is the best way to instantly change your mood. The little flower candle comes packaged in a take-anywhere, film size box with light-my-flower matches. And because it’s packaged with 77% post consumer recycled paper and printed at a 100% wind powered plant it’s a gift you can feel good about giving. .

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