Picture 1017I remember getting my nails done every two weeks in high school. I got my check and got my hair and nails done. In college while worrying about tuition, books and food, my nails became a once in awhile treat. And when I say once in awhile I mean twice a year when I got my refund checks. Now the idea of having enough free time and money to get my nails done is a joke. At first I didn’t find the joke funny but I soon realized it is easy to keep your nails looking amazing without much money. Get the right products and you can save a ton of money on by doing your nails at home.

One line you should check out to find everything you need to create salon worthy results at home is JESSICA. The line of products was created to promote the well being of the natural nail and to create healthy nails with proper care and maintenance. With that in mind each product works to help you create healthy beautiful nails. JESSICA offers a huge range of products that include men’s nail products, Nail Whitener ($11.50), Pre-base Vitamins and Proteins ($11), Diamonds Dazzle Topcoat, ($11.50), Whip Conditioning Cuticle Soufflé ($18) just to name a few. They also have pedicure items so your feet don’t feel left out. The Zen Spa Pedicure Stimulating Mint Masque for your feet is heaven in a bottle and a must try. All the products are designed to give you top of the line results.

But JESSICA products don’t just stop at making you feel good but they also want to make you look good. So they have designed a kaleidoscope of nail polish colors in a wide variety of dazzling shades, textures and finishes. Jessica’s Custom Colours Nail Polish ($7.50, jessicacosmetics.com) are designed to give your nails exciting colors while keeping nails healthy. None of the colours in the line contain Formaldehyde, Toluene and they are all DBP Free. JESSICA makes buying color online easy by providing a Nail Colour Picker. Just click on one of the 200 beautiful shades and you can see what the color would look like on a nail. There is a shade for everybody in this line. And you will love how the Custom Colours rich deep colour glides on the nail. My favorite is the soft pink colour – “It’s In His Kiss”.

Now there is nothing wrong with treating yourself if you have the money and time to do so. But if your like me and don’t have much of either grab a bottle of Jessica’s Custom Color and have beautiful nails in an instant.

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