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  • I never thought she was that pretty, but close up she is really a great looker.

    Look I have a theory Chris Brown was maust be suffering from DID or multiple personality disorder. See how she says his face had no expression.

    Man a lot of research has been done about how the Nazis were creating these programmabe people and how the technology reached America and the enetertainment industry. May be Rihanna gave out a keyword, which triggered his change in personality.

    But I have learnt to be sceptical about Holly wood relationships, I am really suprised that she was really in love. Poor girl, but at least she left the relationship and in a way it is interesting that she was so honest about the process.

  • I don’t care if this coincides with an album release or not. All the better if it is. Baring one’s self like this is a tough and thankless thing to do. I am glad she did this. This is real talk and we women need to support each other so that we can eradicate the scourge of domestic violence.

    Kudos to this brave and beautiful, young woman!

  • also, it is really sad that you can tell that she still thinks she is in some way to blame for this. there is no excuse for violence against women!!