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  • wow. did everyone WATCH the entire video?
    she talks about speaking out in an effort to save
    the lives of young girls who may be going through
    what she went through and sending a clear
    message that abuse CANNOT be tolerated.

    she alluded to the fact that in our community,
    we DON’T talk about a lot of our dirty laundry.
    sexual abuse, physical abuse, infidelity…
    noooo, not in public, chile! no sir! no way.
    it’s ridiculous.

    whether the timing of her interview is pr-influenced or not,
    what matters is the message she is attempting to convey:
    what happened to her can happen to ANY woman or
    young girl, and it should NOT be stood for.
    she made her struggle relatable and
    found the light in a very dark situation.

  • E

    Unfortunately, I think what happened as a result of this interview is whatever message she was trying to convey got lost on a lot of women, b/c many didn’t feel she was geniune. I 100% agree that Chris was wrong for what he did, no excuses. I’ve had my best friend suffer through two violent relationships, so I know the pain of seeing a loved one suffer and I would never lay blame on the victim.

    But whoever her handlers/PR people/Record Label etc are who may have pushed her to give this interview may have done her a disservice. It just didn’t feel authentic. Call it timing or whatever – the interview coaching, the outfit, the legs crossed “Sharon Stone/Basic Instinct” posture – it just didn’t feel “real” to me…I don’t know.

    Again, while I do not condone what CB did…I just really don’t think the message connected with a lot of young women, unfortunately…

    If I’m being honest, it really didn’t connect with me…either way, I wish her well and I hope that she heals from his incident.