82880071Here’s a little something we all may want to consider this Thanksgiving. According to Forbes.com:

“Once considered an affliction of the lazy and indulgent, obesity now affects about one-third of Americans. The epidemic has swept up the wealthy, middle class and the poor; city dwellers, suburbanites and those in rural areas; and people of all races and ethnicities.

The causes, researchers say, are numerous. These include a diet of calorie-dense but nutrient-deficient food found in grocery and convenience stores, public planning strategies that favor motorists over walkers and cyclists, and simply bad habits.

To better understand the local and state implications of the obesity epidemic, we ranked the nation’s heaviest cities. In doing so, we discovered states with multiple offenders, metropolitan areas with expanding waistlines and a high representation of Southern cities.”

Get a load of America’s 20 Most Obese cities:

1. Memphis, TN 34%

2. Birmingham, AL, 31.3%

3. San Antonio, TX 30.8%

4. Riverside/San Bernardino, Calif.: 30.8%

5. Detroit: 30.4%*

6. Jacksonville, Fla.: 29.8%

7. Nashville, Tenn.: 28.8%

8. Oklahoma City: 27.5%

9. Kansas City, Mo.: 26.9%

10. San Diego, Calif.: 26.7%

11. Cincinnati, Ohio: 26.3%

12. Indianapolis: 26%

13. (Tie) Baltimore: 25.8%

13. (Tie) New Orleans: 25.8%

13. (Tie) Virginia Beach, Va.: 25.8%

16. Atlanta: 25.6%

17. (Tie) Milwaukee: 25.4%

17. (Tie) Richmond, Va.: 25.4%

18. (Tie) Austin, Texas: 24.9%

18. (Tie) Las Vegas, NV: 24.9%

Even if you don’t reside in any of in the previous listed cities, chances are, the obesity epidemic is one that hits close to wherever you call home. True, this data may be a tad sobering, however, it’s important to keep in mind when embarking on the food intake marathon that is Thanksgiving. One suggestion from Harvard Epidemiology professor, Walter Willet, steer clear of fare “not fit for human consumption,” such as food laden with refined starch and sugar, and white bread and rolls. We all know that exercise it key, so this year, we suggest overcoming the ‘itis’ by encouraging your loved ones to take a post meal walk – hell, even electric slide – anything to burn some of those Turkey Day calories away.

Happy Thanksgiving Day Clutchettes & Gents!

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