90175800You have those funky vintage peep-toe booties that you can’t seem to find anywhere. Oh, and that Uniqlo cashmere sweater you caught on sale last month! Umm…but you haven’t seen it since you purchased it. Tragically, this is your life each and every time you prepare for your night out. Yet again, you are embarrassingly late to meet your girls for pre-drinks. Ladies, if this sounds remotely familiar, you are suffering from the ills of an unmanageable and unworkable closet. Too often, your closet is a dungeon of concealment. The doors are always shut, for fear of opening it would reveal the mess you’d rather continue hiding.

Ladies, it’s time to free yourselves and open the doors. Style should permeate our homes and lives. What better place to start than the closet? Our closet should be a visual representation of who we are. Sounds unattainable? Well, it’s not. We’ll tell you how to create the perfect closet in just a few simple steps.

Having loads and loads of clothes doesn’t make you stylish, it makes you confused. “Edit” should become a critical term to any stylish girl’s ever-growing vocabulary. Your wardrobe should be an up-to-date illustration of the items you are currently wearing. CLUTCH TIP: If you haven’t given a garment a mere thought in the past year, donate it! Having an excess of unworn clothing not only crowds our limited closet space, it even clutters our thoughts. Strive to stand before a clear picking of garments that are in-season and ready to be rocked today!

Editing should be extended to our clothing, shoes and even accessories. If you don’t wear it, get rid of it.

THE TOOLS: Hangers + Cedar Blocks + Garment Bags + Baskets

The investment in the maintenance of our closets is a worthy one. Take the money you’ve been saving for those shoes you don’t need and use it for these must-have tools.

The 1950’s Mommy Dearest screamed, “NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!”  We’re telling you in 2009, NO MORE PLASTIC HANGERS! Yes, you know, those red, pink and blue plastic hangers you have: negative! We’re suggesting the recession-friendly investment of cherry-wooden and felt-hangers. The garments you have deserve the best treatment and storage possible. Wire hangers leave staining creases in our trousers and blouses, while those wretched plastic hangers are too clumsy and frail to hold any quality garment. Wooden hangers however, are strong and wide enough to maintain any garment. Felt-hangers are space saving, slim and sleek. CLUTCH TIP: Use wooden hangers for your coats, jackets and blazers. Felt hangers for your blouses and denim. Use clamp hangers for your trousers or skirts.

Kindly leave the vile smell of mothballs at your Grandmother’s house. Cedar blocks and cedar block hangers are an organic, fresh and garment-protecting alternative you can use in your storage containers or hang in your closets. CLUTCH TIP: Use your cedar block hangers as a divider between your garments. Place in between your clothing to separate by style and length. Lavender cedar blocks can renew your clothing and purge out the various fragrances we spray on them. Depending on the size of your closet, you’ll need at least one hanging cedar block for every five to seven garments. Restore your cedar blocks by scrubbing them against sand paper monthly, they’ll last you a lifetime!

Known strictly for travel, garments bags protect our clothing and keeps clothing wrinkle-free. Expand on this practice by hanging your cocktail and evening dresses in plastic and/or canvas garment bags.

Basket bins are perfect for storing sweaters or can even work as a space-saving tool for your bags and clutches. Place at the base of your closet or on the top shelving. It’s super cute and adds a neat aesthetic to any wardrobe space.

THE PRESENTATION: Organization + Goodbye Shoes Boxes + Hat, Handbag & Accessory Storage Options

Your garments should be arranged according to style, length and color. From wall to wall, place all items in this order: jackets, blazers, blouses, trousers, denim and skirts. Hang all dresses at the opposite end.

From here, garments should be hung according to length and color-coded from lights to darks. Remember to use your hanging cedar blocks as closet-dividers. Always fold your sweaters and place in your cedar-lined drawer or neatly into your basket bins. CLUTCH TIP: Your closet tools should be color-coordinated (e.g., all cherry-wood hangers or all black felt-hangers).

In our effort to save space, there is no need to keep shoeboxes. Take your new shoes out of the box and recycle the cardboard. Consider using hanging or shelved shoe racks. Neatly place your shoes according to brand and style along your shelves.

If you are a hat fanatic like me, well then you know hats can create a world of their own. Invest in cutesy hatboxes. Place your foldable hats in a reserved outerwear drawer.

Maintain a clean line of your handbags currently in rotation. Place on the top shelving in your closet. Store all other handbags in your basket bins. CLUTCH TIP: If you invest in designer bags or shoes, always keep the duster bag that comes with it. After each wear of your bag or shoes, place inside of your duster bag and store them accordingly.

Accessories are our coveted and at times priceless treasures that warrants careful storage. There are options galore for jewelry storage, from hanging storage bags, cubes to small drawers and stands. Use felt hangers to store your belts. Fold your silk scarves and gloves and place in your outerwear drawer.

Tools & Costs:
Set of wooden shirt, trouser and coat hangers: $25.00 at Bed, Bath & Beyond
Felt Soft-grip Hangers (set of 10) Natural by Richards Homewares: $10.99 at Organize.com
Cedar hang-up block (pack of 4): $7.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond
Canvas garment bags: $11.99 each at Target
Crochet Baskets Bins: $19.99 each at The Container Store
Classic Hat Box Set: $39.99 at The Container Store
Expandable Shoe Rack: $19.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond
Mirrored jewelry box (with 3 drawers): $24.99 at Target

Research more neat and space saving options that works for you and your wardrobe. Share your findings with us.

Remember, make your closet work for you, you shouldn’t work for it!

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