Lou Jing, a contestant on China’s version of “Idol,” is a recent victim of racial discrimination. The beautiful, gifted, Shanghai native has been the brunt of sheer hostility upon becoming a finalist in Dragon TV’s “Go Oriental Angel.” Why, you may ask? Well, she is the product of a Bumble Bee romance.

The-20-year old theater student is the daughter of a Chinese woman and African American man – who left them prior to her birth. Apparently, many Chinese feel that her African ancestry negates her Asian lineage. We’ve heard this line before, but by possessing that philosophy, doesn’t that imply some sort of genetic weakness on the part of the non-Black party?

Why do the racially challenged relinquish connection to their own blood in these instances?

3985434402_8e73db819dBack to the matter at hand, sources say “Lou admitted to Neteast News that the level of hostility had come as a shock. “The whole thing was a big bomb to my family and me and it caused great harm,” she said. ‘I wish netizens could tolerate my particular parentage and let it go as soon as possible.”

In addition:
“Chip Tsao, one of Hong Kong’s leading columnists and cultural commentators, believes that a child of a Chinese woman and a black person hits all the buttons that cause prejudice among Chinese. “It’s an obnoxious novelty,” he said, adding that Chinese prejudice against black people was part of “prejudice against people less well-off than themselves”.

There was, he said, greater acceptance of Europeans because they were viewed as successful, but mixed Chinese/white European couples frequently attracted racist comment.

One leading actress, Jiang Ziyi, who has an Israeli boyfriend, has routinely been accused of betrayal for consorting with a foreigner. A stark reminder of official racism came last year when Ding Hui, of mixed Chinese and African parentage, was barred from representing his country in the national volleyball team.”

It is in this country that only recently felt the pressure to change the name of a popular toothpaste brand – from “Darkie” to “Darlie” (seriously? Ughh). China’s got the largest population on the planet, and an economy that threatens to flatten the West within our own lifetime. We’re sad to hear about Lou Jing’s troubles, but the debate has got to take place over there, for everyone’s sake. Besides, a population as big as theirs can’t afford to be overrun with racists, wouldn’t ya say?

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  • you made some real valid points.

  • Alex

    China has what 56 ethnic groups. It’s all good along as you don’t have African blood or are a Uighur I guess. I find it interesting too that a lot of Chinese businesses are doing projects and have contracts in a lot of African countries, but will import workers from China and often not hire African workers. Also but I lot of Asian people in the US (and in their native countries) will get their eye lids “done”. I guess to look less Asian and what about heir calf lengthened and narrowing surgeries. I guess they have issues with wanting to look more Western. I guess anything outside of Chinese or Euro beauty standards is a sin. Sorry if I sound ignorant or culturally insensitive, but I’m annoyed.

    • ceecee

      I agree totally. I also think that China and other south-east Asian countries were pretty homogeneous until very recently, probably like the last 10-15 years when they experienced an influx of immigrants/foreigners and they have always had a very strong nationalistic sentiment which can easily translate into xenophobia if left unchecked.

  • Solgar

    China, it’s people pospered to become the world’s up coming super power by being loyal to themselves. If only ‘we’ could do the same we wouldn’t need to go begging to others.

  • MC

    I sincerely think that racism in china is overrated. I have been traveling to china for business for nearly 10 years. I can’t even recall how many Chinese girlfriends I have had over the years. Girls (whether married or single) always approach me. During one single trip I had 7 girlfriends. My white coworkers called me a pussy magnet. They always want to go out with me because they know that if I am there girls will always come alone.
    Trust me, Asian girls will rarely not say no to a black male in Asia especially Japanese girls. (Although it is completely the opposite for Asian girls here in the States). I am not sure why. They seem to know of all the positive stereotypes about black males and not be aware of the bad ones. Maybe they watch too many porn movies. I have noticed the same curiosity among European girls as well when traveling to northern Europe.
    By the way, my wife is Chinese. Her parents think that I am the most beautiful man on the planet. (Talking about stereotype, I do not cheat on my wife)

    • Sinnitta

      Woah, I just threw up in my mouth a little. Feeling yourself a little too much eh? Must feel good having the whole of China worshiping at your blackened feet.