74953025For many women finding a new hair stylist is almost as stressful as finding a new job or even a new boyfriend. And why not…this is somebody who you will be trusting with your hair. And depending on how frequent you get your hair done, somebody you will be spending lots of time with every month. So understandably the process of finding a new hair stylist is one fraught with stress, doubt and questions. But it need not be if you are prepared with the right tools. The following is a list of things to keep in mind when searching for your perfect stylist.

1. Ask Around – Look around. If you see a person with a style or a cut that you like ask them who does their hair. Most people will be extremely flattered and give you the info on their stylists. If you’re looking for a good colorist look for color then look for color that you like.

2. Experience – This doesn’t mean that you want to look for the stylist who has been doing hair the longest. Sometimes a stylist who has been doing hair for a long time may not have kept up with the latest techniques and cutting edge technology. But on the flip side that stylist may have really honed their craft. What you want to look for is somebody you feel not only has lots of experience with hair like yours, but also is abreast of what is going on in the hair care industry.

3. Expertise – You don’t find great Italian food at an all you can eat Chinese Buffet. And you may not want to rely on one stylist for all the services you need. Its very rarely a stylist is great at everything. Finding a stylist that specializes in one service you need and another for the other services. For instance, find a great colorist and then find a great stylist who does an awesome blow dry. It may not be the most convenient way, but we are talking about beauty not convenience here ladies.

4. Test Run – When you decide that you have found a stylist that meets your criteria and is in your price range then its time to give them a trial run. Have them do a simple service like a blow dry or deep condition or a single highlight at the back of your head. You get to see how they work, their professional manner and the quality of their work.

5. Trust Your Instincts – Even if they do a great job on your hair if you don’t feel like you would be comfortable letting them do your hair find someone else. After all you might be spending more time with this person then some of your closest friends!

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