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Who: Celeb stylist and founder of Hair Rules, Anthony Dickey

What: Hair Rules! The Ultimate Hair-Care Guide for Women with Kinky, Curly or Wavy Hair, Dickey’s amazingly enlightening tome about how to care for naturally textured hair. For many of us (present company included) moving away from hair chemicals has meant a lot of searching for the perfect product, but this guide, which is full of neat illustrations, photos and beyond handy advice from a whiz, focuses more on a woman’s overall approach to her hair. Famous now for his hair products that are created with three different textures in mind (kinky, curly, wavy), Dickey’s expertise is drawn from years of styling textured divas like Kelis, Sarah Jessica Parker and Michelle Obama.

He begins the book with introductory chapters that not only speak on his hair philosophies, but also the history of textured hair and the heads it typically resides on. Whether you are relaxed or natural, curly or kinky, the Dickey offers ways to elevate your hair to its healthiest and happiest state.

Why: If the past few months of black hair and skin mania have taught us anything it’s that, for black women, hair is a whole more than strands on our scalp. We don’t have to tell you how much of your identity is contained in your hairstyle, so a little help navigating the complex world of textured hair might go a long way. Plus, Hair Rules! is an amazing book for a friend or family member who’s thinking of transitioning her hair.

Rating: 4 stars

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