american-music-awards6-beyonce-performsYou might think I’m hating but… I am tired of seeing Beyonce’s body suits in various colors and designs in every performance. I am tired of seeing her crotch area as well. When will it end? I cannot be alone in this thought so Beyonce stans come back to reality. The thing is, I enjoy Beyonce’s music and she is no doubt a great performer. So, I am not hating on her ability as an entertainer. I simply want her to put some damn clothes on. Her constantly wearing these same body suits, which are becoming more and more revealing, strikes me as a cry for attention. I think she is getting desperate. The more desperate she gets more of her clothes melt off with each performance. There are so many young women coming into the entertainment business and competition is getting fierce. Maybe more fierce than Sasha. Beyonce has been performing for at least ten years now, this is the time where many performers have to adjust their identity to stay relevant with the younger, innovative generation. Not to mention that Rihanna is on Beyonce’s heels when it comes to leaving her mark in entertainment. Me saying that means alot, because I think Rihanna sucks. However, there are millions of others who enjoy her …. singing. Also, the whole Chris and Rihanna situation is putting a damper on other R and B starlets shine time.

I enjoy Beyonce’s music and she is no doubt a great performer. So, I am not hating on her ability as an entertainer. I simply want her to put some damn clothes on.

I know Beyonce wants to keep her sexy image and that is fine but can we move on to another exotic piece of clothing to be fascinated with? The body suits deserve a breather. Let the latest little red number at the MTV European Awards be my primary example of a woman doing what she has to do to keep people talking about her! Even if that means constant crotch shots!

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  • Just Saying..

    It doesn’t bother me as much because the body suits are her performance gear. What is she supposed to dance in, a ball gown?

    What irks me is Mariah has been wearing that same mini dress since 97. C’mon son!

  • Boss Lady

    This is not the look just for this album, it was the look for the last two albums and quite frankly she does need to hang it up…and i’m a Bey supporter but homegirl is almost 30 and is tryin to hard to stay young….she can embrace her age, make music, and still be great! look at mary j. blidge…..anywho…..i’m actually glad in this last video she had a different concept outside of the green screen and the two backup dancers….Time for a “Change We Can All Believe In” Bey lol…

  • DG

    hi hater…
    if you haven’t noticed, the body suit is part of her album theme.. let’s be real here.. isn’t there anything else to talk about???

  • that’s the way I “c” it

    Does God approve of sexy clothing and female stripping? Apparently so – but according to singer Beyonce Knowles, that’s about as far as Divine Approval goes. Anything more done for the sake of attracting popular and media attention, like kissing another women, is definitely Not Allowed.

    Sky News reports:

    The devout Christian says she has permission from God to wear sexy clothes and strip on stage but not to have a girl-on-girl snog. … She says: “I always carry myself like a lady. I don’t feel like I ever do anything raunchy.” And she adds: “It’s entertainment and I believe God is OK with that.”
    So, does this mean that God likes Knowles’ sexy concerts, but had to turn off the MTV Awards show when Madonna and Britney Spears smooched? And just how much stripping does God approve of – I mean, does He secretly take nights off to visit exotic dance clubs, or what? And what would He use for tips?

    A godly woman dresses in such a way that it is difficult for a man to lust after her. He can try to think dirty; but she is not giving him anything to visualize.

    God does NOT permit sexy clothes in public or stripping! God does NOT approve of a sleazy whorish woman like Beyonce deliberately causing lasciviousness in the hearts of others. Beyonce is NO Christian. She is Satanic, serving the Devil!

    The only acceptable thing to God is the MARRIAGE, “Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.” Beyonce is causing tens-of-millions of men to commit adultery with her in their sinful hearts, and she is making it happen by her whorish attire and stripping. She is making it happens by her whorish gestures, sensuality, and gyrations. Beyonce is a fool for having the arrogant audacity to blame God for her wickedness. It is shameful! She is sinfully proud. Beyonce has blasphemed God to even suggest that God would permit lasciviousness, lust, immodest clothing, stripping, and public nudity. This is just another clear indicator of the apostasy in America! As a nation, we have forsaken God.

  • jemmma

    i think you are just simply jealous as beyonce is well on her way to be one of the worlds most iconic women. Shes so incredibly talented, strong and obviously beautiful that anyone will find something to complain about.

    I know. Its unfair that shes such a natural beauty. But please, do not take your personal issues and insecurities out on her.