79364719Another bland day… Monday mornings at work are usually the same for you. You walk into your office with your Starbucks latte hoping that you don’t find a coffee stain in the center of your blouse by lunch time. As usual you couldn’t find much to do with your hair (you absolutely adore your hairstylist but living in a recession doesn’t help much with the frequency of your visits). You decided to wear your all black pants suit that always feels like it’s missing something nonetheless it makes you looks slimming so… the outfit won today’s closet showdown. You love rocking the pumps but they aren’t exactly built for comfort so once again, you routinely pulled out your flats. Now ask yourself: What is an inherently eye-catching woman like yourself doing settling for the common appearance when you know you are far beyond ordinary? Does falling into the background work for you or do you desire more but just aren’t sure of how to achieve the sexy you crave? Well look no further Clutchettes! Here are some valuable tips that will help you bring out the sexy within.

1. Play on your personality strengths!
More simply put…be yourself! If you have an amazing sense of humor than tell a playful harmless joke or two. If you have a wonderful and vibrant personality that makes people flock to you, make people smile! The more you come out of your shell and show people who you are the more you will stand out as a diamond amongst the rough! This allows people to see the fabulous diva you truly are as well as boost your confidence. Confidence is sexy.

2. Whenever you leave the house, dress as though you are going to run into your MVH (Most Valuable Hater).
We all have those moments when we just want to run errands in our most soothing attire but being comfortable doesn’t mean you have to look dreadful! On days like those practice “Comfortably Cute”. A nice clean sweat suit (that makes your figure pop) with a decent hand bag and extremely fresh shoes sprinkled with a few glamorous accessories could totally be a winner for you. Always dress as though you could be meeting your next boss, next spouse, or the people that love to hate you! When you dress lovely you feel lovely.

3. When in doubt, go naked!
Makeup is probably considered one of the most wonderful inventions made on earth to most women. It can also be a person’s most horrible nightmare if it isn’t properly applied. When you are ready to rock the town but haven’t exactly determined what succulent face delights to apply try nude, natural and/ or earth tone colors. Those are fool proof alternatives that are alluring for any occasion. It will not only enhance the exquisiteness you already carry but it will make you feel a lot more relaxed. Remember when it comes to makeup barriers doing less is typically better than over doing!

4. Eat healthy!
Doing this help you establish a better diet and better way of living but it will also increase your energy, making you feel good at the same time!

5. Never be afraid to experiment.
Someone else’s down fall could be your uprising. Whether it is dealing with fashion or careers consider all possibilities and never rule it out before you try it. That paisley top looks horrible on the store mannequin but it could be your next closet staple! Be open to new ideas and possibilities.

6. Last and most importantly…always, always, always smile!
A great smile is the most significant accessory you have! It’s great to have beautiful hand bags and a great set of shoes and matching earrings but nothing is more show stopping than a great smile. It will put you in a optimistic mood while elevating others. Smiling is infectiously sexy!

Never forget, inside every Clutchette is a spicy, enjoyable, charming spirit waiting to be set free. Innerspace said it best “Some grin and bear it- others smile and do it”. What stopping you from freeing your inner sexy?

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