The day has arrived and the results are in. Clutch’s Sexiest Man Breathing is Idris Elba.

We know making this decision was no easy feat, but of all the deliciously viable options on our list, Idris the Londoner won by a landslide. It must be due to his rugged sexiness, unique brand of debonair machismo, large chiseled frame, smooth, deep velvety voice… We could go on, and on (and on), but we feel compelled to highlight the two delectable fellas who also topped the list:

Mehcad Brooks is the official runner up to the coveted title. “The sexy thinker” has only just begun to take the world by storm – and we can wait to see more of him on screen in the future.

Yet another Londoner made the grade, and for good reason. The third runner up is Chewitel Ejiofor who personifies sexy sophistication. The fact that he’s a brilliant actor doesn’t hurt either.

Thank you for declaring Idris Elba Clutch’s Sexiest Man Breathing, 2009!

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  • Nne

    i would personally do unspeakable things just to have ten minutes with any of the three men you mentioned.
    i initially voted for djimon honsou….but all of the men on the list were mm mm mm.

  • there should have been more pictures!!

  • he is pretty sexxxy

  • Jasmine

    Whoop whoop!!!

  • Oh yes, this man has real sexy swagger about himself…loving it!!!! ;)