dailyphoto091209Zoe Saldana stars in sci-fi ‘Avatar’
James Cameron digs love stories between people from different cultures thrust together in strange territory. That’s true of his star-crossed “Titanic” twosome and the alien/human pair he’s been putting together for more than a decade in “Avatar.” What does it take to create a convincing romance between two species from different planets? In MTV’s live-stream chat with Cameron and the “Avatar” cast, star Zoe Saldana gave us insight into how they created the character of Neytiri, the big blue alien who initially resists an amorous connection to the alien avatar controlled by human Jake Sully (Sam Worthington). “She’s like a big kid,” Saldana said. “That’s the one thing we realized.” (Continue Reading…)

Recount in Atlanta mayor’s race set for Wednesday
Ballots cast in a tight Atlanta runoff race for mayor will be recounted at the request of the runner-up, who lost by just over 700 votes. Election officials for Fulton County say they will tally the votes again on Wednesday from the nonpartisan runoff last week to replace outgoing two-term Mayor Shirley Franklin. (Continue Reading…)

Black Caucus reminds Obama of pledge not to ‘forget’ race
In its bluntest challenge to President Obama since taking office, the Congressional Black Caucus expressed disappointment with Obama’s Tuesday jobs speech — and reminded the first black president he promised not to “ignore” race during his famous Philadelphia speech in 2008. A week after caucus member boycotted a vote on the administration’s regulatory reforms in protest, CBC Chairwoman Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) threw down a gauntlet on the need to address racial disparities in unemployment in the upcoming jobs bill. (Continue Reading…)

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