4 reports “In 2004 Darcus Howe investigated the changing face of racial politics in Britain, predicting trouble ahead for Britain’s ethnic population. In this authored film, he traveled the country expressing his views on a netherworld of unreported violence and prejudice, not between blacks and whites, but between Britain’s increasingly divided ethnic minority groups.”

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  • Danielle

    It’s interesting to see how racism has evolved within the first few generations of British minority immigrants. It’s equally “interesting” to see how some of the same economic hierarchies and prejudices that we see here on the North American side of the Atlantic exist in a country so far away. I have yet to determine what to make if this, but it definitely reminds me of an ongoing study that I pick up and put down on Spike Lee’s Bamboozled and the various messages he shares through that piece. hmmm…

  • As someone living in Britain I feel sorry, for the relations we have amongst black people.

    I think if there were no white people we would already have a civil war.

    A lot has been written about how people from different parts of the world hate each other in Britain. In a way I am happy you showed this one, rather than a documentary done by a journalist from Sierra Leone, 9Sorious was His first name) because then you could have seen black politians lying about the state of the problem.

    Look,if you had an African name and you went to school round about twenty years ago, when Africans were out numbered you would have got the licks.

    People are now talking about teeenage killings, but this is just a different manifestation of the problems, it is no longer African tribe versus West Indians tribes.

    It is now Brixton versus Pechkams tribes, of course gangster rap has just fuelled the situation.

    Black people in this country have learned to hate each other a little while back.

  • Melissa

    Interesting topic. I could not help but see parallels the between Black American & West Indian communities in America. Over on this side I have heard countless times by West Indians how Black Americans are lazy, criminal and inferior in every way possible. It’s sad that as minorities whether here or abroad we feel the need to pull the other down so we can get ahead or feel a way about ourself.

  • tj

    of course this only gets 3 comments…