Published on 3/16/2009

All too many people make the mistake of assuming that we are limited in scope from our lifestyles to our personal interests. Despite popular belief, Black women epitomize multiplicity in a vast array of forms, which continually defy long held stereotypes. Here’s a look of some of the many factors that blow some of those archaic labels right out of the water.

Just because we’re Black doesn’t mean:

  • We can’t enjoy music that plays on non-Black radio stations.
  • Issues of animal rights or environmental preservation aren’t of paramount interest to us.
  • We don’t watch shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm or Arrested Development and the Colbert Report.
  • We can’t be outdoorsy types.
  • One should assume that we are unwed with children.
  • We don’t engage in extreme or winter weather sports.
  • We don’t love cats.
  • Don’t embrace religions other than Islam or Christianity.
  • Independent films are off limits.
  • That we don’t find men from other nationalities sexy.
  • That we’re not interested in traveling to far away places like Fiji, Vietnam, or Bali.
  • We are angry, or aggressive, or loose cannons.
  • We can’t have rare or arbitrary tastes in fashion, art or music.
  • That we are obligated to adore Beyonce.
  • We aren’t vegetarians or vegans.
  • We don’t have an interest in the fields of technology, science or engineering.

Clutchettes and gentleman please free to add on to the list!

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  • Regina ONeal

    That all of us like to eat barbecue every weekend. That all of us have to have a 40 to go to sleep. That all of us like to sleep around with whomever. That all of us like to use profanity when we talk. That all of us are constantly late.

  • Ebony Dragoness:)

    Just because I’m black doesn’t mean:
    I voted for Obama
    afraid of taking risk like camping
    I’m mean
    I get jealous whenever I see white women with black men
    I don’t care about my health
    I don’t care about things like animals and the environment
    I try to act cool
    I can’t be sophisticated
    I’m promiscious and like to shake my ass
    I’m obsessed with Beyonce or Rihanna
    I’m loud and clown on people
    Im an urban resident and/or trouble maker

  • Ebony Dragoness:)

    It also doesn’t mean I am obsessed with “bling and money”
    I’m on welfare
    or can’t be a virgin into my thirties

  • Ebony Dragoness:)

    doesn’t mean because I grow up in the suberbs and well behaved I am weak, can’t protect myself

    or don’t appreciate my heritage

  • TaylorAshlee

    1) i am a hood rat
    2) that i dont like classic music (i love it actually)
    3) that i am at the mall whenever a new pair of Jordans come out waiting in line
    4) that i cant be a Rhodes Scholar
    5) i cant afford to shop in coach, bebe, or saks
    6)i dont know my father
    7) that i cant be a powerful executive
    8) that i dont have a balanced home enviroment
    9) that i need YOU to validate that i am a beautiful christian black woman!