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  • RussGort

    So let me see aside from looking sexy ; which we all knew she was already, what was the need to go public in this product promotion dressed like that for ?
    Please don’t tell me because she can ?

    Is it any wonder why in song and story Black women are mostly known as Bitch and Whore ?

    I do not condone the language or names but come on ……….
    Does she not have other skill sets to be able to sell the product without selling herself too? And to the highest bidder at that ?

  • ash?

    i think all this negativity about woman when they dress like this being “whores” and bitches is not acceptable…. why is it wrong for a woman to show her feminity?

    woman have always been ridiculed for how they dress, whats more important is that she feels confident in it and has the confidence to deliver it.
    i feel like ever since kelly finally got herself a stylist that was not called ‘tina knowles’ she is really looking amazing. shes taking big risks and she really suits it.