Picture 1250This has been jacked from NecoleBitchie.com. Rumor is that Mary J. Blige got into a physical altercation with her husband at her album release party at M2 Lounge. Necole was sent this email:


I can’t believe no one is talking about Mary J. Blige punching her husband Kendu in the face last night at M2 at her album release party!!!! Apparently Mary’s brother got in an argument with some guys and Kendu went over and got involved and had him (Mary’s brother) kicked out the club. Mary was heated and she and Kendu got in an argument and she punched him in his face. This all happened in the VIP section at M2. She was whisked away immediately and everyone was in disbelief because it was so in the open.

You know I wouldn’t even lie to you. This hilarious part is no one brought it up today on one blog or gossip news source. Its weird because I don’t know why its so under wraps. VIP was packed. Granted it was mad industry heads and a lot of people from her label so its not like they would put it on blast the way it would have had if it been in front of consumers but you know I couldn’t let it go…


Aww man. Somehow this does not shock me. Mary always seemed like the type of chick that would knock a dude out. In other words, she is not a punk. However, it is never acceptable for a woman to put her hands on a man unless she is prepared for the chance that he could put his hands on her. So, if this is true, tisk, tisk Mary. Especially since Mary was in a violent relationship with singer KC years ago. Maybe old habits die hard. I would hate to think that Mary who seems to have grown so much has landed in another violent relationship. Also, it is being said that the real reason why Mary hit him is because he was flirting with other women there. We probably will never really know the entire truth.

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  • Boss Lady

    I’ve aways thought Mary J was a crazy female (for a better choice of words). He definitely would have been in full rite to bust her rite back in her face, but he didnt even though she drew blood on his face…I feel like mainstream media should put her on blast! Did anyone hear the part that after she hit him she said, “So what no, you gonna Chris Brown me?” Did she not realize that she was Chris in this situation? Naturally males are stronger than females, so as a woman if you “man” enuff to put your hands on someone you should be “man” enuff to tough it out & accept the consequences….SMH @ u Mary… I thought she was reformed or somethin, however as the saying goes u can take a person out the ghetto but you cant take the ghetto out the person….ANYWHO, I still like her music, but she def was wrong!

  • Lish

    This isnt a good look for Mary…I liked her on extreme home makeover i think it was a good look however weeks later you are seen in the club hitting your husband. This isnt the first time …its just the first time it is caught on camera….you cant make songs like loving yourself and finding a man that completes you if you are hitting on him..and further more as a person who’s life story centers around abuse we can tell where Mary’s mental is at.

    hitting is not the answer just a gateway!