Wanna know why so many beautiful, talented, intelligent, dynamic African American women comprise the 42 percent of “never married” as compared to 28% of their White counterparts? Well, ABC’s dedicated about 7 whole minutes to examine this complex issue, drawing from the infinite knowledge of ‘relationship guru’ Steve Harvey of course:

A word to the wise ladies. Don’t listen to Steve Harvey. Regardless of the stats, there’s nothing “ridiculous” about a woman with a 150K a year salary preferring to secure a life partner who makes as much, or more, than her. It sounds as if the esteemed comedian deems requirements such as: seeking to date and marry a man on the same level, who is worthy of ones time and energy, or desiring a partner whom one finds vibrant and attractive – rather than some dude on the brink of medicare eligibility “absurd.” There is no such thing as compromise if it means reducing your standards for the sake of a lackluster partnership borne of desperation.

Harvey is right about one thing, however. There are some good guys out there, within – and just outside – the cultural divide. It may be time to check out some new flavors, so to speak. And for the chocolate connoisseur, this could be an excellent opportunity to consider some of the young, successful and ambitious brothas from the Diaspora who have made the US their new home.

Despite the reports, there is hope for the professional young Black woman who is willing to stay true to herself, while maintaining an open heart and mind.

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