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Clutchettes, we’ve stumbled across another fashion e-tailer that stole our heart with its global fashion perspective. My Asho is a one-stop-shop for authentic African designs that was conceived in 2008. Its purpose is not only to make a profit, but to celebrate and promote the talent of African designers throughout the world.

The stock is a carefully selected assortment of simplistically chic designs from designers like Fosuism, Toju Foyeh and Uhuru Clothing who demonstrate true craftsmanship in African fashion. Derived from the Yoruba word “aṣo” meaning cloth and boasting a stock of ethically handcrafted and produced goods in limited quantities, My Asho offers something for all budgets, a local artisan marketplace and the chance to learn more about the designers it features.

In the day and age where the fashion savvy woman peruses different sites in search of transcontinental fashion, My Asho is a sturdy link between us and the global world surrounding.

Visit www.myasho.com for more information.

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