Neely Terrell showing off her first self-published book. She is a graduate student at the University of Buffalo.

Every writer has a story behind their first book and what they went through to write it. The processes that each writer undergoes are endless and just as the firstborn is an amazing and spellbinding fruit, so is the first publication. Most aspiring writers desire publication of some sort. Whether it is in a book, magazine, newspaper, bulletin, or a small section in a classified, many of them want their names online or in print. The zeal to get published is often difficult to express in words. There is just a deep want or yearning for publication in the writer. However, with writing, actions have to speak louder.

One writer wrote, “A book won’t write itself.” Unlike numerous skills, writing cannot be accomplished without the hand actually coming in contact with paper or a keyboard. The writer or someone else would have to transcribe the writing. If no one wrote and everyone spoke, print publications would not exist. Perhaps they would if the writer wanted to record. Nevertheless, it is up to the writer to get started with the publication and practice dedication.

If one wants to write a book, for example, the process is easy, but it takes diligence. Anyone can say that they want to write a book, but one would have to seriously be serious about it. Develop a routine or comfort zone with the desired genre. If nonfiction is the choice, develop a topic. The writer should ask his- or herself questions about the topic. The next step is to write. Just as one talks, one should write the same. The words can flow on the paper, just as conversation flows through the air. The entire process can be cumbersome, depending on one’s situation, but it can be overcome. The book can get written in a measurable time.

The process of writing a book can be an emotional moment. The writer may have mixed emotions about the book or may not know how to begin or where else to go. Another writer penned, “A book is written in chunks.” The chapters of a book can be tacky. However, each would have to come together to ensure that the book is fluid and makes sense.

Writing a book can be a simple process if the writer is comfortable with his or her writing style. The writer must be in control of the direction of the book. In some cases, the writer is not and the writing takes control. At some point, the writer must steer the work into a clear direction. It must be a great read to the read and not just the writer.

Aside from the aforementioned tips, it is essential that the writer knows about the publishing industry, if this is what one seeks. There are various forms of publishing, ranging from trade publishing to self publishing. One must know what the field requires and what it is like. More than anything, the aspiring author must network with other writers in the same or related field.

If writing a book is a desire, one is strongly urged to go for it. But do not expect for it to be a mindless process. It takes thought and persistence. In the end, one will have a finished product.

Neely Terrell is a school librarian, freelance editor, and writer. She is a graduate student at the University at Buffalo, where she studies Library and Information Studies with a concentration in School Media.

She recently completed her book “Dumped and Delivered: Seeds To Uplift The Brokenhearted, Single and Committed,” which is available at Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com. Terrell recently became the first student, African-American or otherwise, to have her book in the student bookstore at the University of Buffalo. This is the second installment of her four-part series this month.

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