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  • nekka

    we get it Ri. u are you own person now! u can sell your butt, its yours. but sometimes i wonder what Oprah, Tyra and the rest who stood by u can say now. maybe there is no connection with these pics and what happened to u. but boy, if i were Ms O. i will be slighted. there are so many ways that u can go about showing the world how empowered u are! come on now!

  • i like rih, but i’m a queen bey fan all day everyday…. however, ri-whyne-a’s stylist give me life which is why i can stand her…… that second shot is beastly and i effing love it! the cropped sweater just below the breast is outrageous! but if she had of been posing without her hands in her crotch then maybe th pic would look better but belly button and up the pic is great!

  • Some Black women would say that with this comment, “I am just hatin’ ” but I don’t give two carrots about that…
    Rihanna is pushing the envelope for the sake of attention and publicity in an industry that she is STILL uncomfortable in…..If she was comfortable, she wouldn’t have to take pictures like the second one in this collage….This is just too raunchy.
    I remember when “Ri Ri” first came out I really liked her look, but now I just can’t. It is so put on, so fake….Just not her sincere style….She’s to robotic…I can’t wait for the day that she becomes herself…

  • Tee Denise

    I used to be a fan as well. I’m so over her now. It seems as though people are feeling so sorry for her that they are overlooking the fact that she wears no clothes now. I’ve seen people use things that happen in their lives in order to up their album sales but she has truly gone too far. Could she go into hiding for 2010? I really am over her. SOOOOO over her.