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  • WTF is wrong with her?
    Pants just a saggin’ off of her butt…This isn’t fashion forward or creative like people love to say she is….This is mess…..
    “I’m such a f***in’ lady”- Rihanna…..Is she sure in this attire…I think not.

    • Miss Tee

      LOOOL…Your comment cracked me up. And I also agree with you.
      It really is just a hot mess. A lot of what she wears in just………
      Mean while if we see a normal person on the street wearing such, we’ll call them crazy.
      But hey what do I know. I’m not famous or singing through my nose so I possibly can’t have an opinion *Role eyes*
      What a world we live in today.

  • Jasmine

    Can we stop this madness. I beg you Clutch please take the first step in halting the publication of more articles or tidbits of this wayward/lost woman. I think her fashion choices are a cry for attention, help or love. Instead of expressing it in speak or in song she says it through her clothes. Clutch, will you please have an intervention for this young woman that so desperately needs our help.

  • Ms Write


  • Jaida

    Yep, PETA will have her head sooner or later. LOL

  • i used to love her style now it’s always so questionable, i think fur is the tackiest thing ever…