Picture-722You know the boxes of stuff near the back of the store where all the other sale items are placed. You’ve seen those bins filled to the brim with last season’s merchandise that the retailers state “must go!” What about the deep, dark barrels, 50%-75% signs half hanging off, with item-upon-item to dive in and swim through? Don’t be scared of boxes and bins and barrels. While I’ll admit that I often used to walk pass these picked-over, rummaged through, strewn-all-over-the-place items that are eye sores (OK, I admit, attractive advertising pulls me in every time)  I’ve found that jumping right in, like the rest, lots of times I reemerge with gems that make great gifts, and saves me much dough.

Do the same.  Dive-in, dust your finds (and yourself) off, purchase a fab bag and a bright bow, and stick under the Christmas tree. Don’t worry if what you have are last season, or so over.   Style is forever. And, if you’re shopping for a stylista, she should be able to turn it into something new.  Perhaps something so fierce we’ll blog about it!

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