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  • staceym

    Wow… this hit home for me in a lot of areas. wonderful commentary on dating! i always seem to get the wrong guys to call me back but not the ones i’d like to call. i have to reevaluate my strategy. are more episodes from the modern day matchmaker coming??? i hope so :)

  • JoeClyde

    Not a bad video.

  • Did he say put on a apron and cook dinner? Uh oh I have a lot to learn LOL great video, I am really enjoying this guy:)

  • Ok, first he is GORGE! It was a challenge focusing with such a handsome and articulate MAN before me, (***fans myself***). But I have to say, I did achieve at focusing and while women can take away some useful tips from the Modern Day Matchmaker, some of the tips are a bit problematic. Why is the first tip instructing women to put on an apron? Particularly on the first date? Does putting on an apron somehow dilute Black women’s “bossiness?” Or is this the typical “sexy domestic fantasy” for men? I personally have no problem cooking for the man I’m dating, but this WILL NOT happen on the first date. Black men need to get over it. Black women by large are aggressive human beings. Now, can we learn to shut our mouths and put our iPhones away from time to time, YES WE CAN. As long as Black men keep measuring their masculinity by their ability to have the last word, see us in aprons, earn more than we do, etc…we will continue to have massive relationship problems in our community. Can’t wait for Ep. 2, keep it coming HITCH!

    • Shermulus

      Here’s the problem:

      For as long as women depend upon attraction to secure mates, they will always be subject to that which their potential mates deem attractive. This is merely the definition of words. Sisters may or may not be aggressive by nature… but they cannot dictate to men what they will find attractive. What I find interesting is that I can tell that most sisters have expectations for men, and we should be able to agree that they should. Why some then cringe upon discovering that men have expectations of women seems silly to me. So yes, you have the option to accept or reject a man’s advances, but then again… you still have to get to the second and subsequent dates :)

      I do know this: As a black man in America, I deal with enough incoming fire in the execution of my day to day life to know that I have absolutely no desire to engage so-called friendly fire in the place that is supposed to be my sanctuary. Any woman that cannot understand this is unfit to share my sanctuary… it is what it is.

  • Solgar

    I thought as a man I was supposed to live for women. Now, apparently, they don’t need me so if you project that on a date what am I going to think ?

    I want to do for women. What’s the point if we don’t need each other ? I like doing things for my mother, sister, aunts etc.

    This individualism I think is tearing the black community apart. Why do we pursue individual goals (European ideals in all areas of life) so much rather than laying down foundations and institutions within our communities that rely on us coming together to makes things happen.