Tiger_Woods__Elin_NordegrenSo Mr. Woods, would you have cheated on your wife had she been a Black Woman?

Who knows. Cheating usually doesn’t discriminate, it embraces all avenues and byways. But while we’re asking un-resolvable questions, let me pose this one too: Would Barack Obama still have become the 44th President had he run for office with a white woman on his arm?

Um yeah… we have no way of determining that one either, but when it comes to Tiger Woods I’d beg to differ on that assumption.

Here’s why.

Everyday I go through the mundane procedure of tuning into the world of Pop Culture by perusing public opinion. It’s my way of keeping abreast of the “need-to-knows” and absorbing some of the nonsense facing our troublesome nation.

And so it seems, while scrolling through my collection of “bookmarked” websites, that the topic as of late happens to be our dear sweet Tiger Woods and his private life slip-ups. Boo Hoo.

Yes, I’m sure you already know this unless by chance you live in a cave. But since all relevant news headlines have gone out of the window since this saga began, I suppose I better examine this situation for myself. Yet I’ve chosen to look at this infidelity foolishness from a completely different angle.

Would Tiger Woods still be dubbed the Super Chocolate Lover in the White Community had he scrapped his many Becky’s for a refined Michelle? Oh yeah that’s right, Chocolate Lover is the wrong definition for a man who firmly denounces his employment in the Black Community. Maybe the denial of his roots is actually the source of all of his problems. Maybe if he embraced his dominant pigment, his nightly quest for the “Perfect Pink” would be left for all the mothers on the verge of giving birth and those of them knitting booties for their “expected” little ones.

So what exactly am I saying through all my ramblings of grandeur?

Simply this.

How many white women does one Brother actually need? 1, 2, 3… 11? Kraft Foods can have 7 different versions of their famous Macaroni N’ Cheese, but at the end of the day folks, it’s all still Macaroni N’ Cheese. So whether Tiger cops himself a Holly, Mindy, Jamiee or Amber Lee, there are still remnants of Elin in all of these women, so really the question becomes, ‘what’s his reason for cheating anyway’?

Well… Have you ever eaten a meal and still felt like you hadn’t satisfied your appetite? You’re definitely not hungry, but for some reason you opt to continue eating. Your plate is full, yet your stomach still has no victory.

Hmmm. The same idea holds true in the Woods situation. Maybe his harem of white lilies, are because of an unacknowledged craving for a brown skinned sister.

Yeah, I said it. But how false could that statement really be?

Most of us will try on a dozen pairs of shoes, until we find a perfect fit. Drive a million cars until we stumble upon a “make” we’re committed to, or sip a million drinks at the bar until we swill down that one kicker that has a lingering pleasure. The same is true when you’re looking for real love. But if you continue to drink from the same dating pool and never feel refreshed or satisfied, than maybe you need to pack up your belongings and try new waters or suffer the consequences of forever remaining parched.

Sounds like he needs a Black Woman to me.

Apart from the fact that Tiger Woods has some un-admitted self esteem issues, and is searching for his tangible happiness in every brothel from here to Iceland, his love for everything white has me believing that his quest for the flesh will only continue until he learns to love the very skin he’s in.

It is a well-known fact that many biracial children suffer from self-identity issues. We all remember Lynn from the series Girlfriends, and how she went through her many racial identification escapades before embracing her comfort zone. Although it was used as entertainment for viewers, it is a true feeling that isn’t partial to only moving pictures, because it resonates in the lives of many individuals from all ages.

Cablinasian… sounds like an alcoholic beverage, but in Woods’ world it’s a veil to hide the shame that he’s feeling. Woods is ashamed of being Black, and has bought into the very stereotype of Black Women that one-fourth of his heritage shamefully created. Maybe Woods thinks that the more white women he sleeps with the less black he’ll be. Little does he know, his current circumstances have color corrected him in America aside from whatever race he’s foolishly claiming.

He’s more black now than he ever wanted to be, but it’s the wakeup call he needs, yet it’s a shame that it took a wall of negativity for Woods to get pushed over to our side of living. I guess Black folks are nothing more than troublemakers anyway- but that’s a whole other article folks.

Really… when you’re dissatisfied with yourself, the search will always continue. But like most pointless ventures, you’d do better standing still.

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