I have a love hate relationship with the internet. Sure I love it for its convenience. I love being able to magically connect with a friend from Chicago via video chat in a blink of an eye. I love fulfilling my shopping enslavement by finding dope deals on clothes online and the luxury of having them shipped right to my doorstep. Thank you Mr. UPS man! At the same time I hate the internet and the drama it can unleash for the weak. By the weak I mean man. The internet is like a jungle. Sure it looks pretty on the outside but once you go in, there are all types of rabid animals and wild hyenas and such just waiting to pounce on the mentally timid.

1. Porn Sites: This one is tricky because there is a large percent of the population that likes to watch porn. Including yours truly. However, there are some men who take watching porn to the extreme! By extreme I mean it goes from a sporadic activity to a part of their daily regime. For some it takes over their daily regime! Porn can get some men in trouble when they become addicted to it and feel the need to obsess about watching it, and this can lead to problems in some relationships. Not all women are as cool about porn as I am and feel that if their guy feels the need to watch it then he must be searching for something that she is not providing. Others feel that porn is a healthy addition to their relationship because your guy can come back with all sorts of crazy positions and arrangements. Which is why I say that this one is a person by person choice. You decide.

2. Dating Sites: If you are in a committed relationship but he spends his time on sites like Plenty of Fish and Match.com then he is looking for an upgrade. Now, if he is caught his excuse might be that he just wants to meet some new friends. It will be strictly platonic etc.. Blank stare. My mother always told me “if it doesn’t sound right, then it probably isn’t.” Don’t you believe! People usually go to those type of sites to meet new “pieces”. In this day and age you can even get a booty call from Myspace. I’m not the only one who gets sexually harassed on Myspace/Facebook! Don’t look at me like that!

3. Gay Sites: To each his own but you probably do not want your man spending too much time on gay websites. Especially the man on man kind. If this is a habit for him that he likes to indulge in then he may have some explaining to do…. I’m just sayin…

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