Top beauty brands have begun to embrace major black celebrities as their beauty ambassadors. Could this be a sign that companies are starting to figure out that black celebrity spokeswomen can bring big bucks to the beauty biz?

The leading black celebrities who have scored multiyear, multimillion-dollar contracts in recent years have been: Beyonce for L’Oreal, Rihanna and Queen Latifah for CoverGirl, Halle Berry for Revlon, Gabrielle Union for Neutrogena and, most recently, Zoe Saldana for Avon. There is rhyme and reason to how these major companies choose their celebrity faces.

Avon’s recent selection of Saldana is a good example. With the success of ‘Avatar’ and ‘Star Trek,’ she’s Hollywood’s new “It” girl. Avon saw the potential in Saldana and offered her an amazing contract to represent the company’s new fragrance, Eternal Magic, which debuts in April. In addition to representing Eternal Magic, Saldana will also be featured in the company’s brochure as the face of Avon’s color cosmetics collection.

CoverGirl is another example. The brand isn’t looking for the “the girl next door,” but it is looking for a celebrity face that is more accessible. Queen Latifah is the quintessential CoverGirl. She is beautiful and can be glamorous, but she can also be very every day.

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  • chichi

    I now believe that Zoe Saldana is doing what she gats to do to move up fast in Hollywood. I am yet to see a BLACK or SPANISH dude play her love interest. Go ahead gurl; I thought some black men were the only ones that use this tactics. This tactics seem to be working for her.

  • I thought that was a picture of Jada Pinkett Smith, until I read the article.

    Both are beautiful, so no contest.

    Adding to what Angela wrote, black male athletes started to get hyped after Spike Lee pushed Michael Jordan in his Nike ads. The rest is history.

    We won’t get anywhere unless we, black women, push ourselves into the limelight.

    Last note: if Zoe had to wait for a co-starring black male or Latino, her career would go nowhere. Black males have no trouble doing films with lots of white women (see Will Smith and Denzil Washington, et al.)

    There’s always a TV action show that has a black guy in it, but black women are nowhere to be found.