Black boys less likely to be adopted
Both straight and gay adoptive parents are likely to exhibit racial and sex-based biases when applying to adopt a child, a new study finds. In the research, four economists analyzed detailed data from an online adoption facilitator that mediates between agencies dealing with birth mothers and adoptive parents. The data, collected from June 2004 and August 2009, cover more than 800 children up for adoption. (An ungated, earlier version of the paper is here.) The authors found that girls are consistently preferred to boys. For non-African-American babies, for example, the probability that a prospective adoptive parent expresses interest in such a baby is 11.5 percent if the baby is a girl and 7.9 percent if the baby is a boy. (Continue Reading…)

New docu-drama chronicles step teams contest
Get out the crimson and cream and the pink and green. Get ready to “skee-wee” or “ooo-ooop.” The best fraternity and sorority step teams around the nation are competing at the “Sprite Step Off,” the largest step competition ever held, with $1.5 million in scholarships up for grabs. And MTV2 will be there, right up until the contest is decided on Feb. 20th in Atlanta, GA. Premiering on MTV2 on Sunday, Jan. 31, at 3 p.m. EST, “Sprite Step Off” is a six-episode documentary will follow six step teams around the country as they lead up to the main event. Rapper/actor Chris “Ludacris” Bridges will host. (Continue Reading…)

News media pull out of Haiti
The CNN anchor Anderson Cooper knows the 24-hour news cycle as well as anyone, and last week, he lamented that the survivors of the Haiti earthquake would soon fall victim to that reality. We all know what’s going to happen” in a week or two, he said to Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the CNN medical correspondent and a practicing neurosurgeon. “People are just going to lose interest in this as a story. They’re going to stop watching.” Dr. Gupta answered, “In part, it’s up to you and up to us to make sure they don’t forget.” (Continue Reading..)

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