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Picture 1290Clutchettes and gents – are you looking for a new way to protect your hair that not only helps aid hair growth but maintenance as well? If so, allow us to introduce you to Dreadsock. Dreadsock ($10.95-$24.99, dreadsockonline.com) is a unique protective sleep cap that is the solution to  many common hair protection problems. Whether your hair is relaxed, natural, braided, locked, twisted, or permed while you are sleeping your hair is susceptible to many things, including:

• Breakage
• Bed lint
• Loss of essential moisture
• Fuzziness
• Build up of dirt & debris

Dreadsock is an affordable and easy cap to put on that gives your hair breathability and the comfort of a satin pillowcase. Once you sleep in a Dreadsock, you will always sleep in a Dreadsock. No more wraps, ties, or scarves. For more information please visit dreadsockonline.com.

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  • Tashultum

    whew…I knew I wasn’t the only one salivating at that fine brother! mmm mmmm lawd have mercy *fans self* any who…I was totally thinking about getting one, I’ve been natural my entire life and I stil have not found something that keeps my hair covered throughout the night.

  • Jasmine

    I was thinking why is Keyshia Cole promoting the dreadsock. And that man is fine.