57283047Yes it’s that time again. You have made it to 2010 and with some of your life experiences (and the crazy partying you did New Years Eve) you are surprised that you survived it all. Even though the confetti is sprinkled about and the “Happy New Year!” emails are still piling in…it just feels like another year. You have the same job, the same apartment, and the same bills as you did a few days ago! When twelve o’clock hit on New Year’s Eve there were no magical sparks flying, no prince charming on your doorstep and the ten pounds you were praying to fall off… are still clinging to your hips. How inventive.

Now, are you ready for something truly amazing?

The featureless life you once experienced doesn’t have to be carried over into the next year! Here are some astonishing ways to purge yourself of your past and start fresh this year.

Purging, as described by Dictionary.com, is


– verb (used with object)
1. To rid of whatever is impure or undesirable; cleanse; purify.
2. To rid, clear, or free
3. To clear of imputed guilt

Try Fasting!
A good way to purging off this past year and start this year off feeling tingly clean would be to commence Fasting. Fasting in the religious sense of the term means to limit or abstain from food for a period of time as an observation for certain religions but, if food isn’t hindering your growth for the new year try fasting from things that may. If old flames are obstructing your beginning then attempt to refrain from all communication! If your shopping habits were murdering your bank roll last year try fasting from splurging and start fresh with a budget plan!

Skip the evil New Year Resolutions and stick with substance!
You do not have to make a huge declaration at the beginning of January that you are going to eat healthier or lose weight… in the words of Nike “Just Do It”! Sometimes New Year Resolutions can do more harm than good. Think about it. You get yourself all amped up to lose weight, get a new job, heck even find a man! Then about three months in you’ve realized that you gained five pounds from eating fast food behind that same desk you have been working at for years and no new husband prospects in sight! Having goals are great but do not set them for the New Year because that is what’s popular! Be original and do them for yourself. You are more likely to keep them if the goals are things you truly and genuinely desire to better your life.

Lastly, spend time with yourself!
Find out what has been keeping you for your goals, dreams, and objectives. What is really stopping you from having the life you yearn for? When you spend time doing things that are relaxing to you, you are capable to think a lot more clearly. Meditation is an excellent way to purge your mind of negative thoughts and jump- start your creativity with unblemished thoughts and ideas that will transform your life into one that you have always longed for.

Clutchettes this is the year. Don’t start a new life; modify the original by purging and begin fresh. Nothing is ever better than the original.

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