Picture 1271Wash away any left over drama from 2009 and start this year fresh and clean. If last year was a year full of messy situations, headaches and stress. Make 2010 a year full of positive thoughts, good health and relaxation. If you don’t know where to even begin at I have an easy way to start the process. Try switching your old body wash with a hydrating bottle of Softsoap Nutri Serums ($5.49, drugstore.com and your local drugstores nationwide). A deeply moisturizing body wash that soothes dry skin while it moisturizes.

Nutri Serums unique formula is infused with Softening Serum Peals and antioxidant Vitamin E that helps to keep skin hydrated even as you clean and rinse away dirt. Contains a concentrated dose of essential nutrients and hydrators. The body wash has a clean fresh scent that will delight your senses without being overpowering Absorbs super quick as it works to clean your skin. All you’re left with is exceptionally soft and hydrated skin.

So no matter how this year turns out at least you can say you had clean, beautifully hydrated skin in 2010.

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