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One thing I have learned over the many years I have been on this planet is that little things can be very powerful. A little idea can change the world. A few words can sweep a nation. A solution for something little can be the solution for something much bigger. Using this idea the creators of Seed the Power of Nature Products use a tiny grape seed as a potent ingredient for amazing body care products. The grape seed is an amazing source of powerful antioxidants and Seed uses its natural powers to soften, clean and moisturize hair and skin naturally.

In addition to grape seed oil providing natural antioxidants like Vitamin E, it is also rich in linoleic essential fatty acid, which protects the skin and aids in moisturizing. Which makes grape seed perfect ingredient in Seed’s Nourishing Body Lotion ($19.62 for 3, amazon.com). They also add natural ingredients including green tea extract and shea butter to soothe and condition –to their lotion so your body can feel the power of nature.

Grape Seed Enriched Conditioning Hair Shampoo Bar and Grape Seed Enriched Moisturizing Body Soap both use the power of the grape seed to clean as they moisturize ($19.85 for six, amazon.com). The Shampoo Bar promotes healthy hair with added fruit seed oils and Pro-Vitamin B5. The Body Soap uses pomegranate, apricot and strawberry seeds to exfoliate gently. Nature at its best.

So as you look for power with in to keep resolutions and have a great year discover the power of what nature has to offer. Start the new year with Seed the Power of Nature’s wonderful line of 100% natural and 100% amazing products.

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